Sheetrock & Drywall Repair Savannah GA

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Our Drywall Repair Service Is Exactly What You Need

From a small patch to replacing larger sections, Apex Handyman can help with your drywall repair project!

  • Small dings and dents
  • Patching over nail or screw holes
  • Small, medium, or large holes in your drywall 
  • Unclean corners where two drywall pieces meet
  • Cracks and separations

When there is a crack in your drywall, a hole, or another imperfection that has to be fixed, don’t hesitate to call us. We will come be happy to schedule your project and we will fix the damage in a timely manner. When we are finished, the surface will be looking fresh and new and you won’t need to get the drywall replaced. We have the tools and know-how to deliver great results and to make your walls perfect once again. Our handyman will fill in any hole and cracks with a special fast-drying compound. Once the area is dry, they’ll sand down the surface and will make sure it’s all smooth and even. 

When we are done filling any imperfections and the surface is smooth again, you will be able to paint it.  If you prefer, we will be happy to paint it for you with the matching paint that you provide.  Apex Handyman Savannah is ready when you are.  Contact us today!