Lighting Fixture Replacement & Installation

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Lighting Fixture Replacement & Installation

Is the porch light out again? If your light fixture just won’t work, it’s likely not the lightbulb that’s the problem, it’s just time to replace the fixture.  Like everything else that gets a lot of use, light fixtures wear out, get broken, and simply just get old.  With so many great designs available today, the choices are almost endless when it comes to looking for the best light fixture for your property.  

Outdoor Lighting Fixture Replacement

It’s never a good idea to leave your entryway in the dark.  It can be a trip hazard or worse. For your safety and the safety of your household, have the broken light fixture replaced right away.  On a “brighter” note, when it’s an outdoor fixture you’re replacing, you’ll have to decide if you want to keep the same style or go for it and have the most awesome light fixture in the neighborhood! Whatever you decide to go with, it takes one quick phone call and we’ll be right there to get it installed fast and done right the first time!

Indoor Lighting Fixture Replacement

Indoor light fixtures are a lot of fun to choose!  Each room can have its own personality completed with the right light fixture as the finishing touch.  Whether you’re upgrading or just replacing a broken fixture, we would love to help!

While selecting the perfect light fixture may be easy enough, the installation of the new fixture can be tricky without the proper knowledge and experience.  Call Apex Handyman Savannah to hire an experienced and friendly helper to replace your old light fixtures fast and at a fair price. 

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