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Plumbing Leak Repair

Plumbing leaks aren’t always so obvious.  We often don’t really look under our sinks expecting to find a plumbing leak.  If you do, don’t put off the necessary repair.  Leaky plumbing can lead to further damage of your cabinet, your flooring, and if left alone for long, mold and mildew. Our handyman will gladly inspect the damage that the leak may have caused and recommend the right solution to get your plumbing and what’s been negatively affected by it back to new.

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet Replacement

If your kitchen or bathroom faucets are looking dated or just aren’t working properly, give Apex Handyman Savannah a ring.  We will have that fixture swapped out in no time with the new fixture you provide.  We all know that a kitchen never looks quite right when the kitchen faucet is looking or functioning poorly.  Perhaps the minerals have eaten away at it’s finish or the handle just won’t quite shut the water off all the way, it may be time to swap out the old fixture for a new, more eco-friendly one.  Maybe you’re looking to install a more modern fixture to give your kitchen an inexpensive pick me up.  We would love to help with that!

Showerhead Replacement

Doesn’t it seem like showerheads are simply allowed to remain in your bathroom far too long sometimes? Water spraying in just about every direction, it’s annoying yet we tolerate it for some reason!  Well, if you’ve had enough and have decided to replace your showerhead, our handyman will make short work of replacing it for you.  We bring the right tools and materials that are needed to replace all of your faucets and showerheads quickly and at a great price.

Washer & Dryer Hookup

When you need to move out an existing set and install a new washer or dryer it’s no problem for our Savannah Handyman!  We will disconnect your existing unit(s) water lines and dryer vent and install and hook up your new unit without any leaks.

Ice Maker Water Line Hookup

If you have an ice maker that needs to be connected to the water line we can do that.  If you want to have a water line installed for your ice maker, we do that too.  We’ll have a look and make sure that the existing plumbing will be a good fit for your project before we begin. 

Water Dispenser Water Line Hookup

If you’re thinking about having a stand-alone bottle-less water dispenser, you’ll need a water line to feed the water to it.  We can install a dedicated water line just for your dispenser.