Residential Irrigation System Repair

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Sprinkler System Repair

Having a lush green lawn isn’t always easy, especially in the hot summer months when constant watering is needed. Many homeowners have invested in a sprinkler system to keep their grass looking full and healthy.  

Sprinkler Head Replacement

Your lawn is the envy of the neighborhood and everyone loves to admire it!  What you never want to see is a ten foot fountain where a sprinkler used to be!  Occasionally a sprinkler head gets broken off by the mower or gets stepped on and snapped.  Call on Apex Handyman Savannah for your sprinkler head replacement and we’ll ensure the problem is correctly identified and fixed quickly. It means you can get back to letting your sprinkler system do all the important work of watering your yard like it was designed to do.

Sprinkler System Valve Replacement

If your sprinkler system’s valve has stopped working properly and needs to be replaced, we can do that for you.  Just give us a call and let us know what’s happening and if it’s a matter of replacing the valve we’ll get right out and get it replaced so your sprinkler system can get back to watering your lawn.

Broken Water Line Repair

If you’re noticing a pressure problem in your sprinkler system, it’s likely a broken water line.  This is not a problem for Apex Handyman Services.  Our professional handyman will locate and repair the broken line and return the area to its best possible condition when finished. 

Call us for your sprinkler repair needs today.  We are reliable, fast, and professional.

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